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Denamed is an adventure /exploration game where you will see the world through the eyes of nameless protagonists.. As They all learn their place in the world and gain and fulfill their individually chosen purpose.. In this first installment.. You will wade through the wilderness to reach the Waterfall of Endings.. We made use of publicly available wildlife and nature sounds.. We complemented this with an originally composed soundtrack to capture the sense of the game and to immerse the player into the mystifying journey.. Audio was created and mixed using mp3 cutter/merger and voice changer with effects on Android.. Cakewalk DAW and Spitfire VST on Windows.. Completely original design save for the animal 3d models using Blender and manga studio.. The game was developed in Unity engine.. To clarify.. All the content is original except for the animal models and the nature and wildlife sounds which were taken from publicly available resources on the web. The theme is incorporated in the character searching for his true propose in life and finding his self when he is lost in the big forest ..



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